Purple Reign

The Great Purple One

His Royal Badness

The Artist Formerly Known As


Whatever you want to call him, all you have to do is open up a tab on the internet right now and you’ll see the impact this musical artist has had on so many people. All throughout my Facebook feed, as well as other social media, the posts are rampant…”I can’t believe he’s gone!” “My heart breaks! His music was such a part of my childhood.”

So why does the death of a musician have such an impact on us? We’ve never actually met the person, right? Regardless, music has a special way of connecting us to the musician. The notes and lyrics they perform draw us in and connect with us in an intimate way. Think about it…choose a song that you love. It evokes a certain feeling within you. That feeling connects you with the musician.


And the musicians who pour their hearts into their music connect your heart to theirs. It’s only natural to feel loss when someone who’s music is a such part of your life passes away.

So, spend some time listening to the greats…it will be different for different folks…Purple Rain, Raspberry Beret, 1999, Let’s Go Crazy. Whatever your favorite is, sit back and connect…with the music…with the emotions…with Prince.

Mandi Penney